Nearing the End (Almost)

So as spoken on earlier this week. I’m currently looking at an essay based on 1 Samuel 8 where the elders of Israel ask Samuel for a new king. Now at the minute there does seem to be a few factors which would lead to that conclusion. So that is coming along nicely to say the least.

Most of the essays now have been completed and soon the final week of lectures for the year will be done. There is still another three months of Mattersey life ahead of us for the year but it will soon be done before even myself will know it. I won’t necessarily have a bit of an evaluation of college life now because I am (in a way) haven’t finished the whole year and the whole Mattersey life if that makes sense. So if I was to do anything like that, then it would be at some point during the summer break which is between late June and early September.

There are many things for myself in particular that are coming up, there are things happening at my church which I’m looking forward to, there’s a Greek exam which I should be revising for (the key word there is should). That as well as another week of lectures from Mrs. Issit on Mission which should be fine as always. That as well as a lot of studying for these essays which should be done by May, But probably best if I start them now to avoid hassle with the months to come.

But yeah, most of the stuff is alright isn’t it? Standard.

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