“Father, forgive them…”

It was more than 2,000 years ago, that a Jewish man was crucified for heresy in Jerusalem.  Now if he was just an ordinary criminal, he would of just been forgotten along with the other thieves and murderers. Now this man (called Jesus) had been travelling around and teaching people about the kingdom of God and how to live holy lives. One of the things that he did which gained a lot of attention was that he forgave people’s sins.

Now that doesn’t seem to be a big thing to us today, but the only person in that day and age that could forgive people’s sins, was God himself. If we are to look in the gospels we can see that Jesus forgives people many of their sins, there was the woman in John 8, there was the paralysed man that came in through the roof, there was Zaccheus, there was a lot of people. But as far as I see in the New Testament, there is only one instance where Jesus openly prays for forgiveness for people offending him. This is in Luke’s Gospel, where Jesus is getting crucified. He has been flogged, abandoned, ridiculed and beaten impulsively. The same Jesus that can summon down twelve legions of angels and rescue him as soon as he gave the word. He prays for forgiveness on the ones putting him on that cross. He prays:

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

People are ridiculing him, they have torn his garments and is now left bloody, beaten and hanging on a cross. But he still prays for forgiveness for those same people that have left him in that dreadful state. These were one of the last few phrases that Jesus said on the cross before he breathed his last. I encourage you that whoever is reading this that this Good Friday, and for everyday for that matter. That we should live the life that Jesus did, especially when he had days like this. When the whole world is literally against him, he still overcame in the greatest way and gave glory to God. Forgiving people of the things they did to him and giving people the good news of the Father who is in Heaven.

If there was to be a message put out there, then it could be this (which is a message to me as well):

If Jesus, in this predicament can still forgive people that are literally killing him, then we should forgive anyone who either consciously go out of their way to hurt us or do something to us by accident.

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