“Do You Love Me?”

One of the many things that always springs to mind whenever I am doing stuff for the church or even in the past few days here in the Republic of Czech. That’ll be the story of the end of John when Jesus appears on the side of the lake and Peter jumps out of the boat and swims to shore whilst the other disciples collects the fish just received.

But after they finished eating fish, Jesus looks at Peter and asks him a very simple question: “Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?”

Peter confirms this and Jesus gives him the order to feed his sheep. But then Jesus asks again “Do you love me?” Peter confirms it over and over again, but Jesus asks the same thing “Do you love me?”. I can remember for the past few years that whenever I have discovered I am doing something or God has given me something to do, whether that be going to Mattersey or have been offered to do something within my ministry. This question always comes into my mind. Yet this always challenges me and wants me to do the best I can for Jesus.

For instance, as said before I am currently in the Czech Republic, enjoying the life and culture and doing amazing things for God, yet on Tuesday just gone I was somewhat confronted by Jesus by him saying the same thing “Do you love me?” and I was challenged by it. I can give him all the reasons why I think He is great and amazing, but again he will just rinse and repeat “Do you love me?” “Do you love me?” “Do you love me?”.

If there was ever a challenge that I wanted to present, that’ll be that question which Jesus asked Peter, which is the same question he asks us today “Do you love me?”.

But if we decide to say ‘Yes’ we then need to listen to what Jesus says to us after, and as he told Peter “Feed my sheep”. It may be a challenge to begin with as with everything that Jesus tells us to do, but we can’t do anything for Jesus, if we don’t love him first.

This was merely rambles from Czech, have been wanting to put this out there for some time so if it didn’t really make much sense, then I do apologise. I just hope and pray that anything that I have wrote for you today, something has popped out.

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