Personally Reflecting On Studying

So everything is pretty much done for Mattersey. No more essays, no more exams. Two things left to do which I’ve been asked to do, one is for a presentation (which can be done in a few minutes) and the other is to reflect how this year has came on, and it has came on quite a bit. In all honesty, I’m not sure how to actually reflect, so what I’m going to do is go through three aspects of this last year and see where we can go from there.

This quite possibly the first time in a number of years where I’m studying something which I actually want to study. I know there are few that would disagree, but I’ve had the best experience with the teachers both in and out of the classroom. Very informative, more than able to help both on the academics and within personal dilemmas also. The essays have been somewhat of a struggle, but in a good way. Some essays have been easier to do than others, because there is room to talk on certain modules (for example, I did a module called ‘Christian Worldview’ and the essay question I chose was ‘Is the idea of the ‘Christian Mind’ useful?’ which I very much enjoyed doing), whereas there are some where it was an issue on what you can talk about.

My grades as well I believe have been very good, I haven’t got my last select grades because I only submitted them last week, but overall from this first one to my latest one I have come quite a way and have done rather well for myself. I myself know that I’m not the sharpest knife in the cupboard but with the grades that I have been coming back with I have been very satisfied with them. The lowest I believe was my first essay (which I guess makes sense) but now I’ve been getting a range from high 50s to low 60s which has been great for me. The highest was a Greek essay where I had to do word studies on some scripture in Luke and I got a 66, which to this point in my academic career is my highest mark yet.

There have been of course some problems on the academic side, which I don’t think I can openly talk about on this blog post, but I know that God has got situations like these covered and that God will bless all people at Mattersey and restore what has been lost. As Jesus says in the Gospel of Matthew:

“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” – Matt. 19:26

One of my favourite modules this year would either be Christian Worldview or Lukan Perspectives on Mission, both were done brilliantly. This could be either down to the content given or by the lecturers themselves, Professor William Kay and Dr. John Andrews taught rather differently but the way those taught were just amazing for me and was able to learn more about what they wanted to share about their respective modules.

I have two stories about these modules, I’ll start with Lukan Perspective, as a first year student you are asked to attend seminars so you can get more information on how to write your essays and this week it was Lukan Perspective with Dr. John. One of the essays was about the parable of the lost brothers in Luke 15 and he is saying how you can answer this question and he points out this was told during a dinner, so you can compare the different times Jesus is having dinner with both the religious leaders as well as the marginalised in society. He mentions Luke 5 and 19 for the marginalised, but he knew there was another one and he couldn’t remember. He was looking back and forth trying to find this meal, to which I raise my voice and I say “Well the essay question is based on Luke 15, so wouldn’t that be the third one?” John points at me and says “Yes!” he then writes it down on the white board “Thank you Curtis, you saved me from total embarassment!” and he told me that Mars bars will be heading my way. Easily, a major highlight of my year.

Another occurrence was in William’s lecture and he is speaking on Christian apologetics and to which point he brings up famous apologist, C.S. Lewis and talks on the ways that he brought forward the Chrisitan message, he then asked the fatal question “Has anybody here read any of Lewis’ books?” to which (out loud) I said “I love C.S. Lewis! He is literally bae!” (a phrase which I would not say in an academic paper, or repeat again) to which Professor Kay told me the story of how his mother was a nurse and cared for Lewis in the last few years of his life, he has wrote the story in his journal of Lewis and his Pentecostal Theology so he tells it better than me, but I can say is that I was completely mesmorised by this story and it is one that not many people will know, and that story I will never forget or even its conclusion.

So, as a whole for the academics I know that I have given everything that I can for a good majority of it and I do love the campus and all the academic also. I have enjoyed talking to staff about issues both in and out of campus, I have enjoyed being student rep, being in them important meetings with staff and being a library helper, being surrounded by knowledge. It has been a great experience for me and I’m looking forward to the next two years and all the challenges that it will bring.

I’ll stop now and give my fingers a break. At some point I’ll come back and talk about other aspects of the last year which I believe have been important to me. There’s a chance none of them will be as uplifting as this one, but I’m gonna try to look at it from a decent point of view. But yeah, hopefully you all have a good day and all that goodness.


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