The Second Fight

Some may recall that I uploaded a video log (or Vlog) a few months ago named ‘Round Two’ where I spoke at how Mattersey is somewhat of a battle. Because as many students are to be aware, it is rather a struggle, especially if you don’t drive. But what’s good is that I was able to pass through the second round and finish my first year successfully. My grade for the year would have exceeded my expectation a year ago, but now I am ready to do a lot better this year.

Yes I am aware that it is July, and am indeed months away from starting my second year at Mattersey. But I can guarantee you, that months before the fight starts, the boxer is in the gym challenging himself and training his body to withstand damage and to dodge his opponent, and his fists fast and impactful so he can take down the challenge in front of him with ease and time to spare (McGregor, please and thank you). I am not sure why I have used this fight analogy in January, but I feel it appropriate to continue with this metaphor during my time, possibly because myself in January was more wiser, or because it feels slightly odd to change the setting now, or maybe because I say these things associated with fighting is due to the fact of that’s what it feels like. A fight.

Many people that are in my social circle will tell you that Mattersey was not a soft and firm place for me at the start of the year. Certain events happened where it led a senior member of staff to take me out for a coffee and had to apologise for what things had happened within the first few months. Not that it was his fault, not at all! In fact, he (as well as many staff members, many, many students and almost everyone at outside of Mattersey, family and church family) was very supportive and encouraging me to carry on and do the best that I could do.

If I am allowed to humbly brag, but I have achieved a lot in this past year than what I have done in my entire life! First of all I am attending a university that I want to be at! I love that place, and I want it to continue being an incredible influence in my life. I have had many oppurtunities to lead and to be led by amazing leaders, whether that be Year Rep, library helper, or preaching/teaching. I have met a solid group of friends, people that I can go to for any situation and we can laugh, cry, or just be together and eat some amazing cheesy chip wraps. When they leave next year I’ll be sure to be really soppy about them leaving, so I’ll leave them words for then. The teachers have been so giving of their time, such amazing imitators of Christ and I am excited to see what else I can learn from them this coming year. Do I even have to mention my placement church? They made me a Lord! Full Life Church is nothing short of phenomenal and full of love and compasison!

I can recall towards the end of the academic year, some of the lecturers were joking that the second year was the more tougher year, and is sometimes seen as the hardest year. Because it is at the halfway point, where you’re not starting anymore, and you’re no where near the end of the tunnel. But in all honesty, if all the things that happened last year were anything to come by. Whether it be the Dream Team, losing members of staff or people just being people, I guess. I am more than ready to take on this next year and with all the challenges that it will bring.

Year Two?


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