A General Update

As I am writing this, I am currently on a train to Leeds to catch up with some friends from Mattersey and see how they are all doing, it’s been two months since most of us have gathered, so it will be nice to see them. For the most of this page, it has been full of mostly devotional material which I have felt like writing about and I do hope that whoever has read them have been blessed or challenged in some capacity. The last post was more of a Christian apologetic attempt, so in all honesty I am not sure how that came about, it was one of my first attempts so if it did well then I can not really complain.

For me personally, on my everyday living it has been most of the time me working, before heading off to Mattersey I worked at a soft play area in Nottingham called Mouse Trap, being there for the past few months has been very refreshing to do normal everyday work and it has helped get back in the ‘real world’ of sorts, people in ministry and/or at Mattersey will understand what I mean by that. As well as work I have been going to my home church and helping out wherever I can. At the current moment, it is mainly working on the website and revamping it with a new style and more relevant information, and on such a platform where it is easy to change and not complicated. Hopefully (at least) by the end of the year, it shall be completed and will be then ready for the leadership in church to develop and add changes to where it is deemed necessary.

Speaking of churches, I do miss Full Life. I have spoken with a few on the occasion, but next week I should be coming back for about a week unless plans change, and my feelings for the church haven’t really changed since writing about them on my reflection back in June. I can not wait to see them and see how everybody is doing, especially after all of their holidays and church revamping (I am very much looking forward to that).

So the main reason why I am writing in this way now is simply because in the next few weeks I’ll be preaching at my home church, about what I am not quite sure at the current moment. There are many things that I would love to say, but I would rather not get kicked out of a church this so early in my ministry. But I would still like to challenge them. But again not sure. So I am for the time being, just going to temporarily put this blog on hiatus whilst I write this preach, because the last few posts I have written, I have been very proud of (in particular, His Sufficient Grace). But I would feel rather cheap just reading that out, so if I write something in relation to what I would preach, I wouldn’t want to preach that because it has already been released or published in some capacity. Hopefully that makes sense.
Now I should say that once it has been preached, it will be available to read on here if people are still wanting to read it, I just need to open to focus on writing this preach and then I can continue writing on this blog, which I do very much enjoy.

Less than a month until I return to Mattersey. It’s gonna be good.

All the blessings guys, and hopefully I’ll see you soon.

2 thoughts on “A General Update

  1. Miss you Lord Curtis. Kaitlen seems to have named her cuddly turtle after you 😂 So I think she is missing you too. Proud of everything you are doing. Can’t wait to see you soon.


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