It’s Been A While…

I have been meaning to write a little update for the people at home for some time, even before the Christmas holidays, there has been a lot of stuff occurring and little time to write them down whilst doing essays, leading teams and a lot of stuff in between.

The last time I shared anything was when I shared my preach from January. I have actually preached this previous Good Friday, perhaps at some point I will share that with you also on this dusty platform. The last time I actually shared anything on here was just before I came back to Mattersey, and needless to say. It has been a roller coaster of emotions. The essays have been challenging but enlightening, exams have literally been the bane of my existence that as well as other things which would be inappropriate to address on here.

What I find incredible about this year is how much I have been wanting to depend on my friends, both at church and at Mattersey. They have all been good to me and have been eager to see me grow and develop into not just a better leader, but as a better follower of Jesus. Now if I can be honest, I know within my spirit that I could be a lot better than where I am now, but I know that we are all on our own race and it will take its time but I’ll be out on a better pace than where I am at currently.

I am in the first week of my Easter holidays now and the plan for me will be to do some college work, learn something new and go do work at my new job! Yes, for people that didn’t know I have now gotten a job working at my placement (well, I guess now my) church in the brand new coffee house! The best thing is getting to meet people within the local community and when I get thirsty, I just make myself a drink and I just talk to them about the standard stuff (the weather, big news events, their own lives, etc.)

Well, I think I have rambled a little bit too much now. I think I’ll leave you all back to your day. Be blessed guys, shall catch you around sooner or later.

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