Curtis Lowe was born in 1996 in Nottingham and has been a Christian for more than 5 years. Has been a student of many topics, including TV & Film, Health & Social Care and is now a permanent student of the Bible.

Curtis has spent the majority of his life in Nottingham where in the last number of years he went to the Peoples Church in Bestwood Park, Nottingham. Here he began to form his leadership skills whether that would be in youth work, kids work or preaching in the services or doing his own independent out reach in the colleges of the local area.

Curtis is currently a student of Mattersey Hall where he is studying a BA (Hons) in Biblical Studies & Theology. The course includes both essay based work as well being trained in Christian leadership through seminars and placements where he is currently at Full Life Church in Maltby, South Yorkshire.

Some of his hobbies include ukulele playing and vlogging (which is the video form of this), he also enjoys a bit of television, like Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Rick & Morty, Community and Peaky Blinders just to name a few. He is also obsessed with coffee and doesn’t mind getting by with a little help from his friends (Also a Beatles fan).