Being Bald for God

Introduction Good morning everyone, it is truly a blessing to be providing God’s word for you this morning. I think it’ll be best if we just got started and got inspired from the word of God, so if you would like to open your Bible apps and head on over to 2 Kings chapter 2, […]

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Jesus: The Gift of Truth

Hey everyone, as the big day is slowing coming towards us, I thought I might share with you the preach I did on Christmas Day 2015. Hope you all have a blessed Christmas break and I shall be back soon. Introduction Good morning everyone, and a very Merry Christmas to all of you. Guys! It’s Christmas! […]

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The Importance of Teaching

Within the past year, I myself have grown a fascination with teaching. I can imagine telling myself this 10 years ago when I am starting secondary school, and I would probably slap myself one. One of the reasons I believe I’ve got this increased interest is because I have placed myself at university where I […]

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God Given Gifts

So this was the preach which I did this morning (3/9/17) I hope you take something away from it as much as I did. Introduction Good morning everyone, I hope everyone has had a good summer holiday and soon enough we’ll be back to what was regularly scheduled, whether that be work, some people I […]

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A General Update

As I am writing this, I am currently on a train to Leeds to catch up with some friends from Mattersey and see how they are all doing, it’s been two months since most of us have gathered, so it will be nice to see them. For the most of this page, it has been […]

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Why Christianity?

As I go about my life I have had the fortunate opportunity to explain and discuss my faith with people and why it is very much crucial for me as I go about my daily living. But in response to me talking, I listen and I hear why people may go different routes and why […]

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“Good Christian Answer!”

This is normally what I will say to people when a statement or question is made and someone makes a generic Christian-based answer. An example: A few weeks ago, my very close friend Tom did a talk at our youth service where he asked the question “Why do we come to this youth service in […]

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