Being Bald for God

Introduction Good morning everyone, it is truly a blessing to be providing God’s word for you this morning. I think it’ll be best if we just got started and got inspired from the word of God, so if you would like to open your Bible apps and head on over to 2 Kings chapter 2, […]

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Jesus: The Gift of Truth

Hey everyone, as the big day is slowing coming towards us, I thought I might share with you the preach I did on Christmas Day 2015. Hope you all have a blessed Christmas break and I shall be back soon. Introduction Good morning everyone, and a very Merry Christmas to all of you. Guys! It’s Christmas! […]

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God Given Gifts

So this was the preach which I did this morning (3/9/17) I hope you take something away from it as much as I did. Introduction Good morning everyone, I hope everyone has had a good summer holiday and soon enough we’ll be back to what was regularly scheduled, whether that be work, some people I […]

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The Quiet God

This was the last preach I did before I headed off to Mattersey Hall (I was actually heading off that day to Mattersey), my home church at the time was having a prayer and fast day and so I was asked to do a preach on prayer. This was what I concluded with, all the […]

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Jesus at the Well

This preach was done at the start of this year, was done in two parts with me doing one and the youth pastor doing the second. This focuses on evangelism and how Jesus himself reached out. Intro Good morning all! Hope have all had an amazing time off for Christmas, that you have had time […]

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Jesus & Narnia

(This was the original talk for a youth service on Wednesday 18th March, 2015. For the main inspiration of talk, find the ‘Narnia and the Bible’ podcasts, they do much better justice than me. Trust me.) The Chronicles of Narnia have proven to be good ways of getting people to know God. All of the parallels […]

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